College Outfit of the Week

College Outfit of the Week

Hi loves! This week, I wanted to share with you what I wear on an average (pretty rainy) full week of class. Ranging from cute to complete bum… & everything in between! It gets hard throughout the winter months to dress up for class instead of just throwing on a hoodie and leggings. But, for some reason I always feel more productive if I get up and make myself look presentable, anyone else?? I hope this gives you some inspiration, if you’ve been feeling stuck with your style lately!


Today I went for a more edgy and laid back look. It was so rainy, but like 50 degrees, so I didn’t want to wear my big winter coat.

I wore these black ripped jeans from Hollister, that I’ve literally had forever. I paired them with a graphic tee from Forever21, and this black with gold detailing bomber jacket from Express! I then wore my favorite boots, Doc Martens! They’re the perfect shoes for a rainy day.

For jewelry, I wore thin gold hoops and gold studs from Forever21. They went well with the gold detailing on the jacket. And then I wore my Calvin Klein watch, and my Pandora crown ring. Lastly, I wore my “happy” gold bar necklace from FabFitFun!


Today I had to dress business casual, because I had chapter later that night for Delta Zeta!

I wore these black, cropped dress pants from Marshalls! They were only $12! I then paired it with this black and white striped peplum from Marshalls too. Only $8! For shoes, I am wearing my Franco Sarto black leather loafers. From (guess where?) Marshalls!

For jewelry, I am wearing this necklace from Sabika jewelry that I received at a Pittsburgh blog babe meet up! I’m also wearing these chunky diamonds from Charming Charlie’s!


So today I was super bummy and comfy! I had an event later for my sorority called Big Man on Campus and we got shirts for it, so that is what I’m wearing here!

My leggings are from Marshalls, they’re the brand Yogalicious. I then wore my pink and grey Nikes, and they’re from Marshalls too! Guys I mean it when I say I literally get everything from there!

For jewelry I didn’t wear much, just my Pandora ring and the same diamond studs I showed earlier!


Today I was casual, but still cute! I wore gym clothes to my first class, then changed and actually got ready for my second class and for the rest of the day!

I wore this super soft, chenille, gray and white striped sweater from American Eagle. I love this sweater because its oversized but still stylish. It also has almost a bell sleeve (is that what you call it?) that is so cute! I then paired it with these ripped and distressed jeans from American Eagle as well. And then I’m wearing these awesome shoes from Steve Madden. They are so comfortable, but also super cute and not your average sneaker.

For jewelry, I kept it really simple again with my Pandora ring, “happy” gold bar necklace from FabFitFun, and studs!


By this time of the week it was so rainy and dreary outside. I decided to still dress up because when ya look good, ya feel good!

I wore this light blue, cold shoulder, slouchy sweater from Pacsun. I wore a black, haltered bralette from Victorias Secret under it. I then wore my black ripped jeans from Hollister. And then of course I wore my Doc Martens, classic.

For jewelry I wore my Sabika necklace again and the blue studs from Charming Charlie’s!


& thats a wrap! I like to be comfortable but still cute and put together for class. I also realized that I literally buy everything from Marshalls, but I’m totally okay with it.

I’m also so ready for Spring & Summer clothes. I do love sweaters and being cozy while its rainy, but I want dresses and the sun beating down on me so bad! Anyone else??

I hope you all have a great week! As always, thank you for reading!!






Hi babes! Happy December! It is so crazy to think that we are already entering the last month of 2017. Every year goes by fast, but this year was too fast! SO much has changed this past year, good and bad. This year I graduated high school, cheerleading ended, I left home for college (15 mins away but still), I turned 18, and most importantly started my blog. I have loved every second of this new opportunity and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Thank you to everyone who continues to read and has subscribed! Obviously Christmas isn’t all about gifts but also to spend time with family and friends, celebration, and giving. But today, I wanted to share with you guys my Christmas wishlist of this year! Every year my mom asks me what Santa should bring me for Christmas (yes Santa still), and I never have any clue what I want. This year I seem to have a couple things in mind…

Patagonia Los Gatos fleece. Literally a fuzzy blanket in jacket form!

Kate Spade passport cover (matches my tote), hopefully will be traveling abroad to Italy next fall!

Cup O’ Coffee face mask from Lush. I’ve never tried it but I love coffee and face masks so duh right??


Seems like an awesome way to keep up with journaling throughout the whole year! Because I always start and never finish…


Matching pj set! This one is from Victoria’s Secret.



















Travel mug for my morning coffee! This one is from Society6, they have so many different designs.










Cabin socks, so warm and fuzzy for the winter months!


Ugg moccasins. My roommate has these and she loves them!








Gold monogram necklace. I’ve been more into gold jewelry lately and I love to layer dainty gold necklaces!


More candles!














What do you guys want for Christmas?? I’m so excited for this Christmas season! I hope this post gives you ideas if you’re shopping for others or for yourself! Exciting posts coming soon! Don’t forget to subscribe & thank you for reading!!









I’m Thankful For…

I’m Thankful For…

Hi guys!!! Happy Sunday! How are you? This morning I went to brunch at First Watch, delicious as always. After that I’ve just been working on school work and getting ready for this busy week. Thats what Sundays are for right??? Anyways, today I wanted to talk about some of the things I’m thankful for always, but especially during this time of the year. Thanksgiving is coming up and I can’t waiiiiit. So many people disregard Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas, like hellooo! Delicious food, family, fall, alll in one holiday. Yes. That is what I’m here for.  SO lets get into it…


  • FAMILY. Since going away to college I’ve realized how much I actually miss out on, not just being right at home. (even though I’m 15 mins away lol) Little things like family dinners, running to get coffee with my mom, or even  just hanging around the house become bigger things when you’re not there 24/7. You realize how much you take things like that for granted.
  • FRIENDS. Leaving high school means all of your friends go to different schools and you’re all split up. Well, not the case for me. I’m lucky to have most (not all) of my closest friends with me for this crazy college journey + even more new friends I’ve met along the way. They keep me sane honestly. Shoutout to my besties, you know who you are. Thanks for dealing with my craziness. 😉
  • TRENT. S/o Trent ily bae. You’re the best. Grateful for all you do everyday to keep me happy.
  • FURRY FRIENDS. Yes, my pup and my 2 kitties. I miss them literally everyday and I cannot wait to be with them for Thanksgiving break. They always make me feel better.
  • SCHOOL. I’m blessed with the opportunity to go to school at such an amazing campus with so many inspiring students and professors around me. Also the ability to study what I love, despite all the homework and papers. But it will all be worth it someday, right??
  • COFFEE. Gets me through each and everyday, one true love.
  • AVOCADOS. Can eat them so many different ways, so many different options. Just amazing, 10/10.
  • MY BODY. Thankful to wake up every morning in a healthy and strong body. I work on self love and appreciation everyday.
  • THE BLOG. I am so incredibly happy I started this blog. I love writing and expressing myself on this platform.
  • MY BED. This is an obvious one. Always snoozin.
  • LAUGHTER. With my friends, by myself, at myself, at my dog, at my dad or mom, at my brothers… the list goes on. Laughter keeps us sane.
  • MY PAST. Good or bad moments, they made me who I am today.
  • MUSIC. For spontaneous dance parties, duh.
  • NIGHTS & MORNINGS. The ability to start over day after day.

& the list goes on and on. Ive been thinking recently about starting a gratitude journal. To write down one thing from each day that you’re grateful for, even if its something little. The point is to focus on the good in life, instead of the bad. I’ll keep you updated on that. I hope you guys enjoyed this! Hopefully it makes you think about everything awesome in your life, and to not take anything for granted. Life is so good! Have an amazing week. Don’t forget to subscribe!





Hey babes! How have you been? The past two weeks have been pretty stressful for me. I’ve had midterms and just so many assignments it feels like! I wanted to share some of my tips for staying sane while under lots of pressure and stress. These tips are good for midterm week, final week, or honestly anytime to decompress and relax.

  1. Stop talking about it and just do it. This is a hard one to follow. It goes like this, if you know you have a super specific professor who is bound to give a hard and long midterm, STOP talking about how hard the test is going to be and get studying!!! I think this happens to most of us when we study with our friends, we pick apart our professor and say “Her tests are too hard!!”, “He asks for too much detail!”, “She didn’t even give us a study guide!?!”… when in reality your professor’s way of teaching is something you can’t control, but you can control how you deal with it/study for the test. So, study hard and prove yourself (& maybe your professor) wrong!
  2. Positivity is key. What you think in your mind, becomes your reality, I truly believe this. If you think to yourself, “Wow I really am going to fail that math test tomorrow.”, then yes you probably will fail that math test tomorrow. Your thoughts are a direct reflection of how you behave. Think positive, then good things will happen. Be confident in that test you’re taking or that presentation you’re giving and trust me, you’ll do great. Click this to read an article I found on Forbes. com about thoughts becoming your reality.
  3. Treat yourself! If you’re up late studying and you really want a vanilla latte, like reeeaaallly want that latte… go get it girl. Treating yourself is a good way to get through studying. Finished reading that chapter? Starbucks break. Finished that set of notecards? Starbucks break. Memorized all 10 of those definitions? Starbucks break. Really just want that PSL? Starbucks break.
  4. To all my emotional gals out there, let it out. For some reason anytime I’m super stressed out or overwhelmed, I cry. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m cramming for my exam and all I want is sleep, but it feels good to let it out. It’s okay to cry, but get it out, then focus on what you have to do again.
  5. It will all be okay. Don’t over think the situation too much. One day all the studying, stressing and hard work will be worth it! High school grades are important, and high school is only a short time your life. Do the best you can, while you can. The same rule applies for college. You wanna get that dream job don’t you? Work for it!
  6. SLEEP. I can’t stress enough how important sleep is. All of the information you’ve been drilling into your brain needs time to actually sink in, sleep allows that to happen. If you’ve been studying for over 5 hours and its late, go to sleep. Going over that information at this point won’t help. Get those Z z z ‘s… Click this link to read an article I found on the Huffington Post about a study they did on sleep and test performance among students.

I hope you guys take something from these tips & I hope they help you if you’re stressing right now! Don’t over think, it will all be alright, I promise! Have a good weekend loves. Subscribe if you haven’t! Yes, you… subscribe for an email every time I post.





Hey guys! How was your weekend? I went home from school this weekend on Friday after my classes were done. I had such a fun and relaxing weekend that I wanted to share with you all! On Friday night, I went to dinner at McCormick and Schmick’s in the Southside Works. I went with my parents and boyfriend Trent. We had really good conversation about our week and upcoming plans. The food was so delicious. I got the salmon and pesto pasta with mushrooms, asparagus, and artichoke. It was so amazing my mouth is watering. I couldn’t wait long enough to take a picture of it, lol. Buuuuttt… I did get a picture of the dessert we got.IMG_1913 On the left we have the creme brulee and on the right we have a chocolate bag filled with white chocolate mousse and berries on top. They were both to die for! Any dessert that has chocolate and fruit is always a yes from me. After that we came home and just hung out. We ended up watching Riverdale. Can we talk about that episode?? I’m so excited for the rest of this season, I have a feeling it is going to be a good one.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

On Saturday I went to Simmons Farm with Trent. That was the first fall related activity I’ve done this season, and it was so fun! Simmons is such a nice farm. They have apple picking, flower picking, pumpkin picking, a store, food stands, and many activities for children! We got there and bought our tickets which covered hay rides to and from whatever activity you were planning on doing and then also a pumpkin. The whole farm store was filled with flowers and everything fall!

I wore this adorable sweater with some jeans and booties, check my Instagram for the details: @juwleea. My sweater is actually from Marshalls. I’m telling you guys Marshalls is the way to shop trends. It is so affordable and sometimes you can find awesome pieces like this one for way less than you would at any other store.  Yes, I was dying of sweat in the heat on Saturday. But, do it for the pics right? After we got our pumpkins we sat down in the grass in this shady area and ate some pumpkin roll. YUM.

I also picked up little white and orange pumpkins for my dorm, to make it a little more festive in there! Overall, the pumpkin patch was a success and a super fun, fall day!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetToday was a productive but chill Sunday. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I had a lot of homework to get done, as well as just preparing for this upcoming week. So I got all of that out of the way, and then just hung out and watched the Steelers win. Now I’m sitting here typing this drinking tea and eating some of the cutest cookies ever. I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thank you so much for reading, I am having so much fun with this platform. I hope you all have a good week!