Hi guys! Happy Friday Eve!

Today I’m sharing everything I use to plan out EVERYTHING, literally. I love planners and anything stationary related, I’m so nerdy about that kind of stuff.

First, my planner that I am literally obsessed with is the “8×10 Blue Sky Day Designer Planner in the Spotty Dot Gold pattern. I got it off of Amazon for $25! ┬áIt has a nice plastic covering over the sheets of paper which I love because it keeps it protected. In the beginning it also has a section to set your goals and a little guide on how to effectively use the planner.

There is tabs for each month, and then a monthly view. The tabs are a teal color, as are all of the other details in the planner! But my absolute favorite part about this planner is the daily/hourly section!

So this is an example of a day in my life:

  • BLACK PEN- I write my to-do list and notes with black pen. I do this so these things don’t stand out as much as the other things I write, and it is the common color pen I’m always writing with.
  • YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER- Anything I have to do that day that I have planned or scheduled for a certain time is highlighted in yellow. Gym time, coffee date, meetings, events, etc.
  • PURPLE PEN- School work. I box my deadlines or due dates of things I have for each class, and then I will write my assignments for that day under the to do section in purple as well.
  • PINK PEN- This is a new section of my planner but its everything to do with my sorority! We have dinner hours, library hours, and meetings a lot right now because I’m in the new member stages. So all of that is in pink, as well as any deadlines or events for DZ.

That is my color coding system, and to some its crazy to color code, but I love it! It keeps it visually aesthetic, and keeps me organized!

Another detail I love about this planner is on every day page, theres a quote in the right hand corner. Its a little detail that is really cute and its fun to read an inspiring quote each day!

There is also a section in the bottom right for gratitude. Every night I make my to do list and plan for the next day. During this time I will write my gratitude for the day in that little box. This honestly has really helped me to focus more on the little things in each day that make me so grateful for my life.


Another thing I love to do is use cute notebooks like the floral one I have pictured, from Marshalls, in the cover photo. I use this for lists on lists on lists. I also love to make cover pages for my notebooks, like the one shown. I write a bunch of random things in here like to do lists, wish lists, blog ideas, etc.

I recently made this Habits Chart. I saw this idea on one of my favorite Youtubers, Kalyn Nicholson, videos. This has really helped me promote new habits into my life and its a fun way to do it! You can also track how many times you do those things, which is cool.

I hope you guys enjoyed this insight into how I plan and use my notebooks! Do you guys like to crazy plan like me or are you more of a whatever color pen/whatever random paper you can find type of person?

Have an awesome weekend!




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  1. Jackie Means
    March 9, 2018 / 2:41 am

    You are simply beautiful. Love your posts. Proud of you and LOVE YOU…..Aunt J

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