Hi babes! How have you been? Todays post is so fun! I am going to show you two Valentine’s Day inspired outfit ideas, featuring my beautiful JORD Cassia wooden watch. I loved picking outfits for this post because light pink is one of my favorite colors… and Valentine’s Day is just the time to wear pink!


Okay so, I wasn’t a big fan of jumpsuits, until NOW. I went out last week to Marshalls, not looking for anything, but of course leaving with everything. Marshalls has the greatest deals, I can never resist! This vertical stripe and floral jumpsuit was only $20. A STEAL! It has a cut out right under the tie, a low V neck, and frilly short sleeves. It’s a perfect mix of flirty and fun for Valentines Day. I paired this jumpsuit with these chunky blush pink heels to compliment the pink in the floral pattern.














The Cassia watch matches this aesthetic flawlessly! It has walnut colored wood with rose accents. The walnut wood is a mix of pale brown and dark chocolate brown. The mixed hues gives the watch dimension and a look of texture. The rose accents along the band, as well as on the face of the watch, go perfectly with the florals on the jumpsuit. I have been so into rose gold and gold jewelry recently, so this fits into my collection so well.
















Not everyone goes out on Valentines Day, so I wanted to add something more casual but still festive and cute! I bought this sweater around the holidays, from Marshalls (who would’ve guessed that one?) and I’m still not over it! The pink chenille is perfect for Valentines Day, and the bows add a girly flare. It’s so warm too!! I paired the sweater with these gray washed jeans from Hollister, but these could be swapped out for some black leggings too. This sweater would also look really cute with ripped jeans or even a skirt! I then chose my Doc Martens because the shiny sheen adds a little something extra to the outfit. Also because they’re my favorite boots ever… and I literally wear them with everything. Again, the rose color on the face of the watch goes so well with the pink sweater. I also love how the numbers on the watch are Roman numerals, rather than a traditional number dial. It adds a more sophisticated and chic look. And… now just realizing the watch matches my glasses too… WOW I love it.





















Also! You can get your watch or watch box engraved. How awesome is that? I love anything with my initials. I feel like it makes the item more personal and special. This would be a perfect gift for anyone in your life. Not only is it an amazing gift, but you can add something extra. Making your gift the most thoughtful gift ever.






What are your plans for Valentines Day?? Whether you’re going out or staying in, I hope your day is filled with love from everyone in your life, even if you don’t have a significant other. Spend the day loving yourself girl! You deserve it. Also!! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for $100 to use on JORD! The details are below. ↓↓↓  P.S. my nails match the aesthetic of this post so well, I’m obsessed.







Now this is the fun part, JORD was so kind to team up with me to give you guys a giveaway! There will be one winner who receives a $100 gift code to use on the JORD website.

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Wooden Wrist Watch



Hi guys! I wanted to start a new series on the blog called “Is it Worth it Wednesday”!  Basically, I will try out new products and give you guys a review on them. I think it will be a great way for me to try out new products and also let you guys know whether or not they’re worth your money. Today I wanted to talk about the Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask. I got this as a gift for Christmas, and I’ve been trying it out ever since. Its basically an exfoliating mask made up of ingredients such as… ground coffee and caffeine powder.

Coffee wakes us up and keeps us going every morning and it does the same for your skin! The ground coffee acts as an exfoliant. It will remove all of the dead skin cells that are left on your face or body. Leaving your face/body feeling super smooth, and looking radiant and bright. It can also calm inflamed or red skin, which sounds weird because coffee is associated with energy and waking up, but the antioxidants in the coffee aide the redness.












This mask has a thick consistency and is easy to spread on your face. Some masks burn my skin but this one doesn’t! I leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then I rinse with warm water and rub it all over to make sure I get a good scrub. It leaves my skin feeling so nice and smooth.











The only down side about this mask, in my opinion, is the strong smell. It has a coffee smell mixed with a musky sort of scent. I’m so bad at explaining scents… can you tell?? Although I can tolerate the smell, if you don’t like strong scents (especially on your face), I wouldn’t recommend this!

Despite the smell, this face mask is definitely worth it! The 5.2oz container retails for $11.95. I will definitely be repurchasing this product! It works for my skin and is affordable at the same time. Click here to read more about the many benefits of coffee.

Overall rating: 9/10

Thank you for reading! If you have any other products you would like me to try out you can comment on this post or feel free to DM me on Instagram!




Hi guys! It has been a long, long, time since I’ve posted. Almost a month. If I’m being honest, I was feeling so uninspired and just in a rut. I kept comparing the content I was producing to every other amazing blogger or creator that I follow. I would sit there and think “Wow look at how many followers she has! Her blog is perfect, she really has everything together like all the time, why am I not like her?” Were all human and there will always be someone doing better than you, that is just the way it is. I’m happy for all of these people I follow and support, they’re amazing and I look up to them. However, instead of aspiring to be a better me, these thoughts pushed me to not want to write at all because anything I would say or do, wouldn’t be good enough. I then realized I just started this blog. It will take time, like anything good does. I need to enjoy the journey. So what am I going to do now? Focus on bettering myself and my blog. I want to be proud of the content I’m putting out. I am so excited to continue growing my blog in this new year, because I truly love to do it. This leads me to my goals for 2018.

For Christmas this year I received the book called The 52 Lists Project. This book gives you a prompt for every week of the year, the first one being “list your goals and dreams for this upcoming year”. So thats exactly what I did.

  • Branch out! I want to step outside of my comfort zone & make new friends. Whether this means I wear something I would not usually wear, signing up for a workout class that seems difficult, meeting new people in the blogging world, or even just exploring the city.
  • Get an internship! ( or 2 ) Also focus more on school… hopefully ending my first year of college with a high GPA.
  • Create more content with local Pittsburgh creators, and just more content in general.
  • Spreading more positivity, through my actions and words. I don’t think we realize how much what we say and put out into the world affects us and everyone around us. More love.
  • Stop apologizing for feeling. A lot of the time I show my emotions then say sorry for venting or sorry for getting so emotional. We are humans, and we have feelings. I have to remind myself that it is okay to feel.
  • More self love.
  • Call/text my family members more.
  • Live in the moment. I want to enjoy every struggle and every moment of pure happiness.
  • Travel to places I’ve never been. Maybe study abroad…
  • Be more grateful for everything I am blessed to have.

I have high hopes for this new year & I can’t wait to see where it takes me. What are your goals for 2018?